Curtains, Drapery, Bedspreads


JSC  “Pakaita” sews curtains, drapes, roman blinds, bedspreads according to individual orders.

We invite you to come to JSC  “Pakaita” branded shop, where you will choose curtains with our designer’s help.

Curtains are an important part of the interior. They are no less important as such interior parts as the floor, walls, furniture. The curtains are for night and day, which are usually mounted together.

Curtains can be made of different fabrics, but the most practical ones are made of polyester. They are easy to wash, they do not fade, do not retreat.

The most popular curtain colors are ivory, pale yellow. It is always a favorite earth-colored brown, green. The truth is that the color of the walls, the colour of the curtains and upholstery colors must be compatible with each other. If you want to bring curtains as a design element, then they are selected such so that they dominate in the interior. Basically it does not matter what color curtains will be chosen, it is important them to be compatible with the environment.

Draperry (“roman blinds”) – is not pulled to the side, but it is raised up to the top with strings. Roman blinds are folded to 20-30 centimeter wide band over the window. The attention should be drawn to the fixing of roman blinds cornices, because if they are too low, roman blinds cover the upper part of the window. And if the window opens inwards – it will interfere with open and close. Even the thinnest and most transparent any curtain fabric can be used for the roman blinds.

Suspension means

Curtains can be hung on curtain rods and ceiling-mounted rails. Special rings are put on the cornices and the curtains are hung with plastic hooks. Metal rings can be inserted directly into the material, in such case a curtain hangs on the metal rings and the curtain waves very beautiful. The curtain can be binded near the cornices with strips of the same or a different fabric.

Information about the care of the curtains – their washing or cleaning – is always on the care label which is always sewn on the curtains. It is recommended to wash and clean curtains a few times a year because they collect dust.

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