Knitted Fabrics


JSC “Pakaita” offers the customers a variety of quality and different weight of knitted fabrics for outerwear, underwear and sport clothing.

In our company fabrics are knitted with circle and warp knitting machines. A variety of threads and yarn we are used for knitting fabric: polyester (Trevira – Dry Fit ®), polyamide (Meryl ®, Supplex ®) spandex (Lycra ®, Elaspan ®), viscose – “vortex”, modal, micro modal, wool – “super wash”, cotton, and their various mixtures. There are a lot of possibilities to make a special treatment such as hydrophilic, antibacterial, non-peeling, non-flammable.

Joint Stock Company “Pakaita” was awarded OEKO-TEX standart 100 certificate for knitted fabrics.

Sanitized ® quality standard certificate is awarded for fabrics with anti-bacterial finish. The ​​knitted fabrics made in our company are sold on Lithuanian market and also exported to Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Finland.

Our company’s advantages are flexibility with multi-volume orders, high quality, and the capability to produce knitted fabrics according to customer’s ideas and needs.

More information about the knitted fabrics in JSC “Pakaita”

Knitted fabric with Merino wool

We offer knitted fabrics for outerwear (dresses, jackets, trousers, coats, skirts, shirts) and underwear (shirts and trousers) made ​​of:

  • wool, viscose and elastane;
  • wool, polyamide and elastane.

We offer knitted fabrics for underwear clothes made from:

  • wool;
  • wool and polyamide.

Fabrics made ​​with merino wool is breathable, absorb body moisture, evaporate it quickly and wearing woolen garments maintains optimum body temperature. It is impossible to freeze or overheat.

LYCRA ® is an integral part of the fabric, which provides strength and elasticity for the fabric. Clothes made of this fabric are resilient, retaining the shape, do not restrict movement.

Merino wool is extremely soft. It is much thinner than other coarse sheep wool and prevents from unpleasant smell, does not irritate skin. It is suitable for both underwear, that fits nicely on the body, and outerwear, that is lightweight and beautifully falling.

We provide fabrics of different weight of knitted fabrics with wool – 190-380 g/m2.

Viscose knitted fabrics

Our company offers knitted fabrics made ​​of viscose with elastane and viscose with polyamide and elastane for outwear and underwear. These fabrics absorb moisture well, have a shiny surface, possess softness and elasticity. It is suitable for various garments – blouses, pants, jackets, skirts, dresses, tunics, pajamas, night shirts and other kinds of items. LYCRA ® is an integral part of the fabric, which provides strength and elasticity for fabric, retaining its shape and long-wearing, does not restrict movement. We provide fabrics of different weight – 140-360g/m2.

Viscose fiber is derived from various types of cellulose, which is recycled natural fiber. Cellulose is extracted from wood. The group of cellulose fibers consists of lyocell, tencel, viscose, modal. These are man-made fibers made from cellulose. Knitwear with „TENCELTM“ lyocell is extremely soft, perfectly absorbs and evaporates moisture. Lyocell is durable, easy to care for, does not wrinkle.

Cotton knitted fabrics

Our company offers knitted fabrics made ​​of cotton with elastane for outerwear and underwear. This fabric is breathable, absorbs moisture very well, therefore ​​clothes are wearable very well. LYCRA ® is an integral part of the material, which provides strength and elasticity for material. Even a very small amount of Lycra ® in fabric obviously improves performance of clothing. Clothes are resilient, long-wearing, retaining the shape and do not restrict movement. We can offer fabrics of different thickness – 120-350 g/m2. We can also make extra finish “enzyme wash” for knitted fabrics made ​​of cotton with elastane. The fabric surface becomes smoother, softer after finishing it.

Knitted fabrics with hemp

Hemp fiber is a natural product of plant origin with antibacterial and antiallergic properties. This fiber is strong, ecological, breathable, durable, quickly absorbs moisture and dries quickly. Cannabis is a sustainable and environmentally friendly fiber because pesticides and other chemicals are not used in the cultivation and processing of cannabis.

Polyester knitted fabrics

We produce various kinds of knitted fabrics made of polyester for sportswear. It is smooth, of textured surfaces and different constructions. These fabrics are suitable for sewing various sportswear (for basketball, football, hockey and others). It is also possible to use them for linings and sewing flags.

These fabrics are characterized as strong, long lasting. They do not fade, do not wrinkle.

We can offer polyester fabrics of different construction and thickness – 55-245 g/m2.

Knitted fabric of polyester yarn TREVIRA DRY-FIT with elastane LYCRA ® absorbs moisture and allows the body to breathe. It is soft and smooth and of a shiny surface. This fabric is especially suitable for sportswear.

Knitted fabrics made ​​of polyester yarn with elastane Lycra ® is very similar to cotton. It absorbs moisture and is suitable for sewing different shirts.

Knitted fabrics made ​​of polyester yarn with elastane LYCRA ® are resistant to high temperature and therefore they are suitable for sublimation and printing.

Polyamide knitted fabrics

Our company offers elastic fabric made ​​from polyamide with elastane for sportswear. This fabric is suitable for training functionality. The clothing sewn of it is stretchy, easy to handle, lined shape, does not wrinkle, retains its shape even being washed very often, does not fade bright colors. Polyamide provides strength to prolong life of a product. Knitted fabrics made of Polyamide Meryl ® and elastane LYCRA ® are suitable for active sport and active leisure time. Special antibacterial treatment Sanitized ® protects from unwanted perspiration odor.

Knitted fabrics made of micro polyamide Supplex ® and elastane Lycra ® is soft and similar to cotton, dry quickly and allow the body to breathe. We can offer polyamide knitted fabrics in different weights – 180-250 g/m2.

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